"What the hell is going on here?"

This is PASARÁH – the post-apocalyptic sublimative avant-garde revolutionary art heap collective. We will pave the way for the untimely meditations of the world after the world comes to an end by sketching and intimating the former outline of our present and trying to set new contours on our surroundings‘ minds. Death’s not a dandy. Death’s a lama. With asthma. On an escalator.
Our device: „Drink coke & Caress brains!“

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„Leben im Goldfischglas“ (Living in a Goldfish Bowl) is an experimental comic fable emanating its own distinct kind of dry humor and quirked poetry by
mixing a dismal atmosphere and thoughtful texts on topics like alienation, desire and blurring contours with unsophisticated imagery
and neurotic sheep playing the piano.

It was released and exhibited as an art installation in the public toilets of the exposition „Winter of love“ (hfg Offenbach) in 2017.

Midnight alights and all of the monsters are creeping out of their lairs.
Those who dare get closest to their teeth-gnashing, grumping and howling might just catch wind of their singular stories…